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Deciding to start a business usually starts long before you actually do it, or muster up the nerve to do it rather. It’s definitely a mental battle before it ever becomes a tangible one. Somehow along the way, I steered from the vision that God had placed in me. I have always wanted any business associated with me to be about more than just things, sales, and profit (Although, all those things are very important!). But- when you take that leap of faith, it’s scary. And, you don’t know exactly how the vision will be received. Instead of relentlessly digging into the vision, I compromised.  I settled for clothing that would... well, sell! I wish I could say that I got lost because I was influenced by the opinions of others or that society has somehow warped my way of thinking, so it’s not my fault. But, I cannot. I am fully aware that God has trusted me with this vision. It is solely MY RESPONSIBILITY to protect it and to do so uncompromisingly.

With that being said, you may have noticed everything not geared toward positivity, love, and personal growth has been placed on sale. This is because these items will no longer be sold by Modelle Citizen Boutique after 06/14/2019. I want everything in my store to reflect the values of positivity, love, and personal growth, but I am doing it in a fun and stylish way! Most importantly, I’m doing it the way GOD gave it to me. I think you’re going love it, and if you don’t that’s okay too! I love you anyway.

Your support has been unreal and truly appreciated.

Love you all,  



P.S. Go buy all the sale stuff (they’re pretty awesome, just not my vision). Oh, and maybe throw a couple of tees in your cart too. 😊  

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