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About Us

Modelle Citizen has been striving to provide fun, casual, and inspiring apparel since April 2019. Founded by, Elle, Modelle Citizen focuses on self-love, personal development, and relationship with God. 

We proudly and intentionally utilizes local vendors for our products and printing services. It is our hope that Modelle Citizen’s products uplift you, inspire you, bless you, and leave you wanting more! 


A message from Elle:

I have always felt that I was meant to lead. I didn’t know exactly how that would manifest. Really, I still don’t know. But, I knew that I needed to stop running from my purpose. I decided to start this journey because I want to be a blessing to others through my gifts and work. I have never really felt that I was fulfilled working for other people. However, recently I began to feel as if I was betraying myself by stalling in a job with which I was unhappy. So, here I am- working on my legacy. I pray that what can accomplish gives me the privilege to bless countless others.

I bet you’re curious about our name, huh? Well, a model citizen is usually a person who follows all the rules and checks off all the boxes. They listen when society tells what’s beautiful and what’s acceptable. I named my boutique Modelle Citizen because I want to redefine what it means. I want you to make your own rules. I want you to decide what’s beautiful. I want you to wake up and see a hero in the mirror. Choose yourself today, and forever. 

Modelle Citizen champions personal growth and self-love through conscious effort. For me, this is not truly attainable without God. I understand and recognize that this will not be everyone's truth, but it has been mine and still is.